Montana’s schools have a big job – maybe the biggest – in training and guiding the future of our state.

As someone who’s had the honor of serving our state and our country, both as an elected official and a Navy SEAL Commander, I can assure you that putting the next generation on the best possible footing is critical to our success.

That’s why I’m enthusiastically endorsing Elsie Arntzen for re-election as our Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction. Today, I’m asking you to join me in supporting her as she runs for re-election in 2020!

I have served with Elsie in the State Senate and have always been impressed with her Montana hard work ethic, integrity and commitment to our kids. You can depend on Elsie to represent Montana’s interests in education and not some bureaucrat’s in Washington, D.C. Our kids deserve the best education for a bright future. Please join me in supporting and re-electing Elsie for State Superintendent.

Elsie Arntzen deserves our support. She’s earned it.


Ryan Zinke

P.S. I’ve watched Elsie Arntzen do great things over the past four years as State Superintendent of Public Instruction, just as she’s done her entire career.