Elsie Arntzen, incumbent running for re-election to Montana’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction received the endorsement of her fellow conservative Land Board commissioners. Elsie’s primary focus on the Montana Land Board has been working to ensure robust returns from state lands which fund public schools and to reduce burdens on taxpayers.

“Elsie is steadfast and reliable. Her voice is an integral component to our workings on the Land Board. Again and again, she advocates in Montana’s best interest. “ – Tim Fox

“I have served with Elsie for nine years in the Legislature and on the Montana Land Board. Elsie has demonstrated her knowledge and expertise on education issues and her commitment to our children is second to none. She is clearly the most qualified candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction. I hope you will join me in supporting Elsie for re-election.” –Matt Rosendale

“I am humbled and grateful to receive the personal and financial endorsements of my fellow conservative Land Board commissioners. As we look toward the future of our schools and our state, I will never stop working to bring the very best to all our students, families, and teachers. Thank you to Tim Fox, Matt Rosendale and Corey Stapleton for their continued commitment and fervor to making this Great State even greater.” – Elsie Arntzen