Montana Equipment Dealers Association Endorses Elsie Arntzen for Reelection as Superintendent of Public Instruction


October 19, 2020



The Montana Equipment Dealers Association (MEDA) has announced the endorsement of Elsie Arntzen for reelection as the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

“Over the past 3 years, equipment dealers across the state have been working with local school districts to build partnerships that have the potential to create pathways to careers for Montana kids” said MEDA President Adam Gilbertson. “These efforts have been championed by Elsie Arntzen and her team at the Montana Office of Public Instruction.   Her leadership and vision for reimagining learning is changing lives for Montana kids.   Today, a little over half of our state’s young people graduate from high school and go on to further higher education programs.   Our education system does a good job of preparing those Montana kids for their future.   But our pathway for the other half of graduating seniors to successful careers in Montana is less clear.   Industry has a role to play with our educators and Elsie Arntzen plays a critical role in building the bridge between education and industry.   It is make a difference in the state, helping Montana kids find quality Montana jobs.”


MEDA is proud to endorse Elsie Arntzen for reelection as Superintendent of Public Instruction.


About MEDA: The Montana Equipment Dealers Association (MEDA) began as the Montana Hardware and Implement Dealers Association (MHIA) in 1907. During the early part of the 20th century, farm implement dealers were almost always hardware stores as well, and most towns had a hardware and implement store. At one time, the MHIA was the largest association in the state. Ninety years later, the name was changed to more closely reflect the actual membership of farm implement, construction equipment dealers, and irrigation product businesses. The association has grown to represent nearly every type of equipment dealership in Montana.


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